Importing and marketing of weighing scales

Shavit Scales specializes in the importing and marketing of weighing scales, balances, digital scales, truck scales (weighbridge) and a variety of other weighing and measuring equipment including mechanical, electronic scales, load cells and all types of calibration weights answering to all the needs of the Israeli market. We also supply weighing scales, baby scales, kitchen scales, diamond weighing scales, banknote counting machines, hanging scales, body scales, digital scales, medical scales, pocket scales and more.

Production department

Shavit Scales has its own production department where it manufactures and assembles custom-made weighing systems according to our customer’s specifications. Shavit Scales specializes in the installation of truck scales (weighbridge) and provides clients with service and calibration services for truck scales.
As a customer of Shavit Scales, you have at your disposal the company’s many years of experience that have given it a second to none knowledge of the needs and demands of the Israeli business, as well as an uncompromising commitment to total professionalism, top quality and excellent service. Being a commitment partner, the company is always abreast of new developments so that it can provide its clients with the very latest and the very best.
Shavit Scales company has 2008 ISO 9001 approval and the approval of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Employment’s “Testing Lab Service” – Weights, Measures and Standards Department.

Large selection of scales

On the Shavit Scales website, you will find a large selection of scales, balances, digital scales, truck scales, floor scales and weighing equipment of all kinds – digital sample scales, kitchen scales, configuration weights, digital body scales, infant scales and more.
The firm’s scale and balance calibration services with an extended warranty for its clients across Israel.
Shavit Scales also provides computerized cash registers, bar code scanners, money counting machines and a range of computerized sales points, both with and without scales, plus the ability to customize and adapt its products to the needs of the customer.


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